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Guest Speakers your Google search? I love to share my story with others, so if you want something a little less ordinary, then get in contact. For many, the idea of donning prison attire is something to dread. For me, the fear was in the waiting. Once it was over, it was the most cathartic experience of my life. I left prison with £49, within a decade I had helped build a retail chain.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

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Free from a world of incarceration, David is available for guest speaking events and related topical discussions for media inquiries. 

If you wish to book David for corporate or guest speaking events, please contact in the form below, to let us know your needs.

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Imprisoned at HMP Wandsworth

On conviction in 2011, sent to Victorian Prison HMP Wandsworth. Former Gallows Gaol.

On the Run in 2009

After his offences, and facing the prospect of arrest, he fled to Ibiza, running alongside major UK Gangs.

Organised Crime

Before fleeing and while in Ibiza, became involved in a disapora of organised drug rings.

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