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Prison Diaries | The UK’s 1st Wolf of Wall St Conviction 

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"The best thing about Ibiza in May, is everyone wants to be your mate. You get a flip-phone full of dodgy Spanish numbers, but can't find the one you got from the girl you told your life to at 5 am last night."

David Mason
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Prison Diaries haven’t had a lot of updating in recent years. But this is not another prison diary. The story of the UK’s first Wolf of Wall Street style financial crime conviction, written and narrated by the author.

In 2011, David was sentenced at Southwark Crown Court to a term of imprisonment. This is the tale of what happened after….and a little of what went on before.

If you’re worried you will never know what the inside of a prison is like – fear not.

In truth, I wrote this diary as a way of occupying my mind in the dis-organised insanity of HMP Wandsworth.

They can’t imprison your mind, nor can they confiscate it. So I penned down the adventures of my life up to that point. If you’re the kind of person who wants to read about organised crime rings, drug traffickers, gang violence, Ibiza and life on the run, then it’s probably worth you taking a look.

If you don’t, then thanks for popping by. For everyone else still here… let’s talk Gangsters.

I’m a middle class kid, good education and a working class father who worked hard. I should have never known what a prison number looks like. But life takes you on funny diversions. 

We all wonder what it’s truly like, banged up in a glorified toilet for 23 hours a day. Well, I got closer than wondering, so you can stay on the right side.

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Another Con

"I'd say I would like to listen to his next book, but I'm sure he's hoping he avoids prison again."

prison diaries review 3
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"Gripping from start to finish, an interesting insight into life in HMP Prison."

prison diaries review 3
Debra Reyes

"A terrific insight into the uk prison system..particularly for those who are about to go myself ..mistakes get made."

prison diaries review 3
Audible Customer

"An audiobook that narrates at a frantic pace, and keeps you listening."

I left prison in 2012 with £49 in my back pocket and made a life for myself.

If you get nothing else from this book, know this. when you are at rock bottom, the future can only be brighter.

David | Not another Prison diary


Got questions on Prison Life?

This diary was originally published to a WordPress blog in 2013. One of the most satisfying aspects was helping those dealing with the uncertainty of prison. If you have a question needing answering, or you’re heading there yourself. I have answered some of the most common questions here.